Hello and welcome! It’s Alice here, finally taking the time to officially write our first post for our new blog. As some of you may be aware, the KUTE website recently took this new direction into the blogosphere. Our past was not so drastically different, but instead of blog posts on design, we were designing and selling cushions. As much as I enjoyed designing the cushions, it became clear that manufacturing and selling was far more difficult than I anticipated. Rather than flogging a dead horse, we decided to close up the shop, which was in all honestly, a relief!

However, I then feared that the KUTE brand and website would be wasted. I loved the name, logo and vibe we had created and wanted that to continue on a blog.

So here we are…

For now, I want to personally welcome you to the new look blog, and ask that you remain patient as we tinker behind the scenes. Transitioning from an e-commerce to a design blog requires patience.

Make sure you follow us on Instagram for cool design, new brands,  great colour and architecture photos.

Until our next post.

P.S.¬†Those cushions haven’t gone far, and are still available on my Etsy shop HERE.

KUTE Cushion, Home Decor, Colour Block Pillow, Geomtric Pillow, Cotton Cushion

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